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Your bathroom is one of the most used areas in your home, making it among the prime factors of choosing a property. You want your bathroom to be clean, full of modern amenities and comely. However, not all properties boast of a great bathroom section.

When your bathroom doesn't feel good enough for you, it's time for a change. Fortunately, you can request for a bathroom remodeling in Wichita Falls, TX. And who can provide you expert service better than Wichita Tub & Tile Refinishing?

It's no secret that a bathroom remodeling is no easy task. The project involves picking up the right tiles and tub, as well as creating a new and interesting design for your area. With the many selections all over the market, it could be confusing to decide which is right for you. It's a good thing to have an expert to guide you with the best options. All throughout the process, we'll help you:

  1. Choose the right tile floors. You can pick low-maintenance flooring or a non-slip kind. Alternatively, we can perform custom tile setting which involves different varieties of tiles for a unique look.
  2. Reinvent your bathroom design. With many modern designs showcased in the media, you may be inspired to switch your bathroom appearance into another look that fits your current style. It may be an edgy, contemporary bath with large glass shower doors, or a more chic look with bright tile colors and mosaic accents. Whatever you want, we'll help you get your remodeling done, with quality service yet affordable cost.
  3. Plan room additions. Fitting sinks and toilets is easy, but how about adding an extra space for your dresser or a walk-in closet nearby? Let an expert help you figure out additional corners for your bath.
Other than bathroom remodeling, we also offer bathroom restoration and resurfacing. We are also capable of remodeling your kitchen.

Give us a call and let’s start working on your bathroom design today.

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